Who We Are
image descriptionThe Virginia Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (VAMIC) is an education and advocacy trade association comprised of mutual insurance companies domiciled in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The member companies specialize in property and casualty insurance. The VAMIC membership also includes associate members, such as reinsurers, claims & inspection professionals, research and information technology companies. The associate members provide valuable support to the association and the insurance industry.

Mutual Insurance versus Stock Insurance
The common thread of VAMIC member companies is “mutual insurance” which is a type of insurance company having no shareholders. VAMIC companies are not publicly traded. Instead, the companies are owned by the policyholders. Unlike stock companies, mutual insurance companies serve their policyholders, not investors. Mutual insurance is a resilient and popular form of insurance which originated in England in 1696. The first successful mutual insurance company in America was established by Benjamin Franklin in 1752.

Upcoming Events

Congressional Contact Program
Washington, DC
May 11-12, 2016

Mid-Atlantic (PAMIC/VAMIC/WVAMIC) Mutual Advantage Convention
Homestead Resort
Hot Springs, VA
Aug 7-9, 2016

NAMIC Annual Convention
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sept 24-28, 2016

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Fulfilling your insurance needs
VAMIC companies are part of the fabric of communities across the commonwealth and have been for generations. VAMIC is proud to have as a member one of the oldest mutual insurers in the nation. Each mutual company is 100% Virginian and owned by its policyholders. To locate and connect with a mutual insurance company near you, or any of the VAMIC member mutual insurance companies, click here. VAMIC member insurance companies write business throughout the commonwealth and are available to help you with your insurance needs.